As a business owner, you juggle many responsibilities. Managing and growing your business is a complicated process and maintaining your company’s books (although essential) is a tedious, time-consuming task that takes your attention away from ensuring your company’s sustainability and growth.

Fortunately, Kicking Assets Bookkeeping has the knowledge and the time to shoulder your bookkeeping responsibilities so that precious time becomes available to you for other purposes.

  • Prepare financial reports

    • Balance sheet

    • Cash flow statement

    • Profit and loss statement

  •      Bookkeeping/Account management – keep track of cash on hand and in bank accounts

    • Record income and deposits

    • Manage accounts payable: for vendors and bills

    • Record customer billings: send invoices to customers

    • Record customer payments: file and send receipts to customers

    • Prepare checks and payments

    • Manage accounts receivable: from customers and vendors 

    • Record vendor payments

  • Prepare sub-ledgers and journals 

    • General journal

    • Bank reconciliations for account(s)