Go Green Starting With Your Kitchen

Go green, reuse, try not to buy as much plastic, save the environment, and your wallet!

Green is my favorite color!

I’m on a mission to get rid of most, if not all things plastic in my house. It’s a hassle to reuse and wash rags, towels, etc., but it’s worth it to save the environment and save money!

I have been all over the internet, Pinterest, and Amazon included, the last year or so researching how I can become MORE frugal, reuse, recycle, and save money. I’m going to share with you what I have found. I feel as if the kitchen is the best place to start with for saving money, reducing waste, and getting rid of plastic.

We love paper and disposable products. Paper plates: (I dislike doing dishes many nights, so these save me from washing four extra plates a night by hand). Paper towels and napkins: we have two lovely boys who spill…EVERYTHING! Clorox wipes, LOVE these things. So easy and convenient to wipe crap up with in every single room of the house. I go through Clorox wipes like skids on my kids underwear. As I mentioned, we have two BOYS and we also have a dog and a cat. There are fingerprints, dirt, mud, spots all. over. everything! The bathroom………………….do they even know there’s a sink and a toilet bowl to aim for in there?! Reusable washrags in the bathroom is where I’m really struggling right now. Super. Gross. In. There. Sometimes. KIDS.

We haven’t bought paper towels or Clorox wipes in a couple of months now. So we have been using wash rags and towels for everything. I plan to invest in some reusable cloth napkins for meals and making my own reusable cleaning wipes. Stay tuned for the recipes and links! We normally buy these things from Costco. SO I have saved what, $30 by not getting those two items so far. 30 bucks is 30 bucks! That’s ALMOST a whole tank of gas for me.

My first reusable purchase is the scrubby in the picture above. My friend Chelsea makes all kinds of goodies. Her card is also in that picture. The scrubby is $5.99, free shipping, reusable, and I won’t be buying anymore sponges wrapped in plastic that only last about a week each.


Recycle Your Wine Corks!!

Leading Force Energy and Design Center has a box for you to recycle them! Check out their info below!

https://www.facebook.com/recork/videos/10155034538436403/ https://www.leadingforceedc.com/social

Save Money and Use Less Plastic

You can buy this Gatorade powder container at Walmart, make it in a pitcher that you REUSE, reuse this container for storage, and SAVE MONEY!

If you buy the big container of Gatorade you will not be throwing away 24 of these plastic bottles! You will also save $12.74!!!

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